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    Marilou Bio sur mondebio.com, decouvrez la cosmetique bio Marilou Bio, Marilou Bio est certifiée.

    Organic cosmetics Everyone talks about 'organic this', 'organic that'... We have made this page about the 'Organic World' (Monde Bio) to help you understand the various organic logos and labels.

    A 100% organic cosmetic is made with ingredients from organic farming, whose origin and traceabilty are known precisely, it contains no chemical preservatives or artificial dyes. No testing must have been done on animals, and no animal ingredients are allowed. Along with the strict selection of raw materials, the ecological impact of each step in the process chain is a decisive factor.

    The BDIH, a federation of pharmaceutical brands and health, food and hygiene industries, was created in 1951 in Germany, the pioneer country of Organics. BDIH's 'natural cosmetics' group was created in 1996 by a dozen laboratories, who developed guidelines. In 1996, a group of cosmetic manufacturers developed complete and strict guidelines concerning the making of natural beauty products. On this basis, an independent organism examines the composition of the products to be certified, and their methods of production,and works based on it's own strict charter.


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